Best Archaeological Mysteries

It is widely known that the journey to a good-in-budget archaeological mysteries is filled with difficulties.

I know that you may get troubled by that problem too, so I would like to share my discoveries with you to make it easier for you to select one you like. Here, varieties of high-ranking books are listed. They are well made books with fascinating contents in them. Our books are nice-looking, well-written and informative. They have ranged over various fields. You don’t have to worry about your budget, since they are all reasonably priced. These items are the best selections. I hope that you will fall in love with them at first sight.

Don’t hesitate or you will lose something really awesome!

Best Value Archaeological Mysteries

The Magyar Venus

Roommates from college draw Lara McClintoch into an encounter with an old lover and the mystery surrounding a 25,000 year-old statue. To determine if the antiquity is real or fake, Lara traces the path of a 19thC adventurer who is said to have found the statue in Hungary.

Buyers Guide
  • “A must read for any lover of a good mystery.” – richard mester
  • “Somehow she makes all her books feel “new” even though they have the same theme.” – O. Cecilia
  • “Of course, the murder mystery portion is also interesting…breathtakingly interesting.” – Edward J. Altmann

The Etruscan Chimera

In Rome, a reclusive billionaire businessman asks antiques dealer Lara McClintoch to find a rare Etruscan artifact for his collection. Lara likes the idea of visiting the beautiful hill towns of Tuscany on an expense account.

Archaeological Mysteries Reviews
  • “I loved this book, it is exciting, well-plotted and very well written.” – ChoxieBlue
  • “It is too convoluted and I found myself not caring about the resolution of the story.” – Kindle Customer
  • “And why wasn’t she on the suspect list?” – Theresa Welsh

Bound for Eternity

Disappearing artifacts, jealous colleagues, and dead bodies…

The Mask of Atreus

A secret room in an obscure Atlanta museum has become the final resting place for its proprietor, whose dead body lies surrounded by an astonishing collection of Ancient Greek antiquities previously unknown to the archaeological world.

Consumer Reviews
  • “It’s very fast paced and a great read.” – Valerie J. Drumm
  • “The characters are real and believable and the story is fascinating and compelling.” – Mr. Francis L. Hartley
  • “There were a few too many curves in the story for my liking; by the end I was getting a bit impatient with the twists.” – Cynthia


Faye Longchamp has lost nearly everything except for her quick mind and a grim determination to hang onto her ancestral home, Joyeuse, a moldering plantation hidden along the Florida coast.

Product Research
  • “This was an interesting, well paced story with engaging characters and a great mystery plot.” – DeeDee Brown
  • “I highly recommend this book to mystery fans.” – artieslove
  • “Although the story line was very interesting and really kept you guessing until the end, I was terribly disappointed in her portrayal of the area.” – Lorraine A. Lincoln

The Trespass

The explosive Amazon top 20 bestseller …

Product Reviews
  • “This book did a great job of holding my attention and it kept me wondering what was coming next.” – Kathryn svendsen
  • “This is a little too confusing.” – Alione Murray
  • “I don’t want to give any spoilers but in my opnion it is well worth the read.” – Amazon Customer

Death by Theory: A Tale of Mystery and Archaeological Theory
Brand: AltaMira Press

A European Neolithic burial. A large stone Venus. Nothing unusual except that it was found on an island in the Pacific Northwest.

Consumer Reviews
  • “This is obviously an attempt by a professor to write a novel, and it looks like this one was out of his depth.” – aselbea
  • “I highly recommend this book for all beginning archaeology students, and anyone interested in the subject.” – Anita Cohen-Williams
  • “It seems as if Prof.” – “eabower”

On the Fifth Day

Thomas Knight’s estranged brother Edward, a Catholic priest last seen in the Philippines, is dead and no one wants to talk about why. Thomas decides to do a little digging for himself but is soon carried off on strange and dangerous waters that take him half way round the world, as rumors emerge of his brother’s curious involvement in Roman archaeology and—more baffling still—terrorism.

  • “This well developed and obviously well researched novel promises to keep the reader in suspense until the last page.” – Jon Gustin
  • “The book is well plotted, the characters well defined and the well researched archaeological details are fascinating.” – Jane Rochester
  • “In the end, the pieces just don’t fit together.” – Michael Edward Mitchell

Before the Pyramids: Cracking Archaeology's Greatest Mystery
Brand: Watkins

Were the pyramids of the pharaohs conceived in Britain? The acclaimed coauthors of Civilization One think so, and they take readers on a gripping excursion into ancient religion and astronomy.

Consumer Guide
  • “These awesome henges, monuments, pyramids, etc., were places of learning as much as they were representative structures.” – Jim C.
  • “I checked this book out at the library.” – Amanda
  • “I found this book to be very informative and easy to read.” – J. Feldbush

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